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Never Turn Your Back On An Angus Cow by Dr. Jan Pol [Hardcover] An Introduction to Stochastic Filtering Theory by Jie Xiong [Hardcover] Yoke Dress Construction With Connie Palmer [DVD] The Kid by Sapphire [Unabridged] [Audio Book]  [CD] , 9781611760132, 1611760135 Toward a Unified Theory of Development: Connectionism and Dynamic Systems Theory Re-Considered by  John Spencer, Michael S.C. Thomas, James L. McClelland (Hardcover)
The Aleppo Codex by Matti Friedman [Audio Book] [CD] Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag by Creek Stewart [Paperback] NPR Holiday Favorites by Susan Stamberg  [Audio Book] [Audio CD], 9781598877281, 1598877283 Build an English Joint Stool with Chuck Bender [DVD] Know Your Stabilizer With Debbie Homer-Hofhines [DVD]
NPR Driveway Moments Baseball by Neal Conan [Audiobook] [CD], 9781598875874,1598875876 Build a Traditional Windsor Rocker with Elia Bizzarri [DVD] Build a Greene & Greene Rafter Tail Table with Darrell Peart [DVD] The Woodwright's Shop, In the Shop with Roy: Workbenches, Tools, Storage & More... [DVD] The Sacred Contract of America by Caroline Myss [Audiobook] [CD]
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